Group Seminars


No matter what your organization, everyone can benefit financially from understanding the "why" in order to change the "how" of their spending.    

Topics covered in this self-reflective yet practical seminar include: 

  • Developing a growth mindset as the foundation for change
  • Acknowledging and confronting the "unconscious holdover" from past thinking and its effects on one's current reality
  • Reflecting on personal voids in one's life and how one tries to fill them (i.e., through the purchasing of "things")
  • Understanding all good things are found in the long haul; thus the need to be disciplined and have grit  
  • Practicing gratitude in order to realize "enough is a feast" 

Once the above are understood and serving as the foundation, applying practical financial strategies becomes more powerful with longer lasting effects.  Strategies like: 

  • Cutting expenses and living within one's means by developing and sticking to a budget
  • Creating concrete plans to get out and stay out of debt
  • Saving and investing in one's future

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Personal Assistance


Becoming disciplined and planning for one's future is paramount for redesigning the reality of your finances.      

Therefore, if you need personal assistance with creating and sticking to financial goals and plans then please contact us for more information.   

We can assist with:

  • ADDRESSING your immediate situation
  • ESTABLISHING a budget
  • LEARNING to live within your means
  • CREATING a game plan for eliminating debt

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Classrooms and Schools


Professional Development

As a certified Trainer of Trainers for Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively, and Trauma Informed Practices for Schools, we can provide the following trainings:

  • Two-day certified Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively 
  • One-day hybrid Restorative Practices and Using Circles Effectively 
  • One-day Trauma Informed Practices  

Keynote Presentations

Thirty-minute to two-hour presentations on overviews of Restorative Practices, Trauma Informed Practices, and a wide range of other educational topics can be tailored to meet your school or organization's needs.


With site- and district-level experience in creating and implementing school-wide systems of support, state and federal programs (including Title I and Federal Program Monitoring [FPM]), and data-based decision making, we can assist schools and districts:

  • Create and implement school-wide intervention systems for ALL students--from Students with Disabilities to English Language Learners to GATE/Honors/AP
  • Create and implement an effective dropout prevention program
  • Assist with the organizing and writing of compliance-related documents: Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) reports, Single Plans for Student Achievement (SPSAs), and Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP)
  • Utilize Title I funds effectively and compliantly
  • Organize the logistics of the FPM process 

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Businesses and Organizations


Restorative Practices Presentations and All-Day Trainings

In all aspects of people’s lives, relationships matter.  As such, developing, maintaining, and repairing relationships is paramount in the healthy, productive, and efficient running of any business or organization.  

This is the power of Restorative Practices: Proactively building relationships and developing community, and managing conflict and tension by repairing harm and restoring relationships.

The following Restorative Practices presentation can be tailored to fit the needs of your organization, and can range from a 45-minute presentation to a full-day training. This powerful presentation covers the following topics:

  • Experiencing the power of circles in order to build and maintain relationships and community 
  • Understanding shame and its effects on relationships
  • Applying affective listening, statements, and questions in order to build understanding and repair harm 
  • Understanding the importance of Fair Process in the decision-making process
  • Applying Restorative Practices’ fundamental hypothesis to all relationships: 
    • Human beings are happier, more cooperative and productive, and more likely to make positive changes in their behavior when those in positions of authority do things WITH them, rather than TO them or FOR them.

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Financial Seminar

"Marc's insights and tone will captivate and motivate you.  He uses wise financial strategies and thought-provoking questions to help people explore the reasons behind their spending.  Marc's book and seminar will inspire you to set new financial priorities and empower you to make decisions that reflect those priorities; thereby making redesigning the reality of your finances absolutely attainable."  

--Danielle Womack, Attorney, and Executive Director of La Mesa City Hope

Restorative Practices

"Marc did an excellent job of providing our student support and administrative teams with an intensive two-day training on Restorative Practices and circles. This two day training was followed up with a one-day training for our entire teaching staff. The training reinforced for our staff the importance of building relationships, making connections, and building community with our students and each other. The training provided the background knowledge and theory behind Restorative Practices and circles while also providing the practical strategies for implementation at our school." 

--Kevin Osborn, Executive Director, Helix Charter High School

Professional Development

"Marc provides a phenomenal professional development experience. Utilizing great understanding of practice and relevant data, he paints a picture of a changing school climate and what teamwork is needed to overcome the obstacles it faces. You will get a picture of a realistic, PLC-oriented, and a goal-driven set of actions your school can take to overcome some of the many obstacles that educators face. In the era of increasing accountability, you do not want to miss hearing this information. This day spawned us into conversations and down a path of increasing our supports for our struggling learners. Real, relevant, and timely!"

--Brian Ferguson, Principal, Laguna Hills High School

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