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Online Resources

Debt Repayment Calculator -- see how much interest you will end up paying if you only make minimum payments towards your debt.

Auto Loan Calculator -- see how much your payments will be for a new car. And, more importantly, how much you will pay in interest if you only make minimum payments.

Loan Amortization Calculator -- see how much interest you will pay over the course of your loan. Pay close attention to how much interest you pay in the first year of the loan.

NOTICE A PATTERN? You will throw your hard-earned money away on interest if you only make minimum payments on your debt.

Money saved by paying off debt early could then be invested in your possibly contributing to a Roth IRA.  

Roth IRA Calculator -- see the power of time and compounding interest when applied to money you invest.

How Credit Card Interest Works -- knowledge is power so check out this article by Lendedu to better understand how credit card interest works.

Sam the Cooking Guy -- check out these inexpensive, easy-to-make, and delicious recipes in order to save money by eating at home more and going out less.    

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Resources for Schools


Redesign the Reality of Your Finances is a powerful resource for all high school students

Schools do an amazing job of preparing students for their next level of education--elementary to middle school to high school to post-secondary opportunities.  However, most schools fall short in assisting young people in understanding the complexities of managing one's personal finances.   

Although the principles and strategies presented in this book are applicable to any age and income level, they are extremely powerful for young people in developing a healthy perspective on money.

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RTI for Secondary Schools: Implementing a Schoolwide System

This practical and step-by-step book provides guidelines to assist schools in implementing a schoolwide program that provides a framework for a myriad of non-intrusive support and intervention opportunities--support that occurs in the middle of the school day and does not involve removing a student from one class to receive interventions for another.

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Dropout Prevention: A Program That Works

This practical and step-by-step book details an effective and powerful dropout prevention and credit-recovery program that has kept hundreds of at-risk students in school while also rekindling their hope of graduating from high school.

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