Redesign the Reality of Your Finances


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Understand the WHY to change the HOW


How many people have consciously or subconsciously accepted their current financial reality as reality? Not thinking, believing, or understanding a different reality can and does exist. A reality waiting to be discovered, awakened, and actualized.

How many people are living and operating in a "system" perfectly designed to get the results it gets...?

Financial bondage that is caused by excessive debt.  

Think about your current financial reality. What “systems” do you have in place that have produced the results you have gotten? If you are in excessive debt, how did your “systems” of spending and decision-making lead to your current financial reality?  

Through deep and honest reflection, my book, seminar, and assistance can help people create a road map to follow to get themselves out of debt, stay out of debt, and become financially free.  

By understanding the "why" people can begin to change the "how" of their spending. In doing so, they can redesign the reality of their finances.   



"Marc's insights and tone will captivate and motivate you. He uses wise financial strategies and thought-provoking questions to help people explore the reasons behind their spending. Marc's book and seminar will inspire you to set new financial priorities and empower you to make decisions that reflect those priorities; thereby making redesigning the reality of your finances absolutely attainable."  

--Danielle Womack, Attorney, and Executive Director of La Mesa City Hope

"Marc has a keen eye to see strategy in the midst of complex financial numbers; bringing simplicity to what needs to be done to move into a better financial position. Serving as treasurer on my church's executive elder board, Marc was instrumental in creating a plan that cut expenses and generated additional income through investing in assets we currently had."  

--Craig Osborne, Executive Pastor, Crosspointe Life Church

"My wife and I talked with people before Marc that always showed us what we could do financially, but not how to get there. Marc assisted us in developing a plan to get there, helped us get there, then showed us how to stay there."  

--Tim and Darcie Van Atta

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